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Friday, 9 August 2013

Hi there!
I'm presenting to you ..... 

They are called 'SUPERMAMA', whereby they sell Designer items; designed by their very own designers and Japanese Designers. Their items are really nice, memories of Singaporeans' past. From when we were younger, or the older generations maybe. The games we play, things we say, our culture, places of interest, places of certain history, memories, heritage of Singapore. So, do head down to check them out! They are located at 30 SEAH STREET {Behind Bras Basah Complex | Nearest MRT Station BUGIS/CityHall}. Designers who are interested in designing, don't be shy! Contact them as they are looking for talents. Those who wants your designs/masterpieces, feel free to contact them too! Do check them out! SUPERMAMA I really do love their pieces!


Our favourite pastime games!

Spoons & disposables!


Their very own plate designs!

Pencil Cases

Enjoy, Fashion/design lovers!

With love, 

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Treat your hair right.

Hi there fashion lovers, I'm going to share with you about some hairfall product my beloved mother got for me as she has been complaining about how much hair I'm losing. I bet many of you have this problem, which annoys us or maybe .. scared us? Fret not, I'm going to share with you about it. <3

                                          {Pardon for my silly selfie}

It's a Japanese Hair Product, whereby it contains Aloe, Ginseng, Burdock & Pure Rice Extract, known as Scalp Tonic. My mother monitored the process, she realized that the amount of hair in my room decreased! {Amazing!} Therefore, i thought i'd share it with you guys! You can try to get it from your neighbourhood salon, or some beauty products shop. For friends who aren't local, you can find something similar if it is not available in your country~ 

I hope i helped!

Enjoy your day, fashion lovers!

P.s i don't get any credits/paid for this or any of my posts, in case you're wondering.


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Denim on me, Denim on you
Monday, 5 August 2013

Hi there Fashion Lovers, 
I'm sorry for the slow updates but i will try my best to update you guys occasionally as i would be quite busy with school. Thank you for your understanding <3 

I went to Singapore Art Museum on Saturday as i had to do my homework for one of my electives. So here's my outfit of the day. 


Wearing: H&M Dress, NewLook Denim long sleeve button up, Satchel Bag in Red, Jeffrey Campbell metallic shoes.

Do visit Singapore Art Museum whenever you can! {Check out their website for details SAM 

Follow my footsteps on: 
Chictopia: http://www.chictopia.com/GeorginaRachk
Vauntstyle: http://www.vauntstyle.com/view/user/?user=322
Instagram: @Lockedeepdown 

Enjoy fashion lovers!

With love,

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♥ iloveyou :D

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